When Uzbekistan was resolved as an independent Republic, one of the righteous work which was carried out by the first president I. A. Karimov to perpetuate memory of guises who sacrificed innocently in the Soviet – colony time, who were repressed as a «nation’s enemy» in 30-50 years of previous century. The museum was opened ceremonially in the «Retaining day of repression’s sacrifices» in 2000 on the 31st of August. Near the building there was a terrace which was risen by 28 inwrought columns. The general area was 784m2. The building was built based on Uzbek national traditions. First exposition of museum consisted of 6 parts. While the first president I.A.Karimov was visiting this museum in 2007 on 31st of August, it was talked about improvement of activity this museum, to learn deeper the history of repression’s sacrifices and their bitter fate, reproduction museum’s expositions and additionally to build one building. As a result of this decree, there were great changes in museum. The construction of restored and enlarged museum consists of 3 halls, it is surrounded with tracery, inwrought terrace. 42 national ornaments were quarried from 4 sides of terrace, the height of and half 5 meters columns rise them. The area of building’s exposition is 640 m2, cellar is 1568 m2. Museum’s exposition consists of 10 parts. 

From internet materials
Sarvinoz NAZAROVA,
the student of Uzbek State World
Languages University